The marketplace provides users with searchable data listings like you would on Amazon or eBay.

Data Markets Inc (dmi) is the marketplace for commercial data. We founded dmi to solve a problem we experienced consistently as data professionals. Despite the abundance of data generated every day, finding and evaluating a source of data to fulfil a specific business need remains a very inefficient process. For buyers of data, web searches are dominated by results from companies who can afford to fund promotion on to the front page or run regular advertising. Even after finding one or several sources of data, the ability to evaluate that data on an apples-to-apples basis is a challenge.

For commercial vendors of data, especially small and medium sized niche players, we discovered they are also struggling to reach new buyer communities. We found data vendors typically have deep expertise in a particular industry niche, the lack of awareness and understanding of that vendor to potential buyers in other industry segments created a barrier to generating new sales. 

dmi is our answer to these challenges. Our data catalog contains listings of data products sold by professional vendors or companies seeking to monetize their own data. Buyers of data can search the catalog and identify relevant data that meets their business need, using our ontological search tools to ensure the most relevant results turn up that meet your need. To assist the evaluation process we’ve evaluated the quality of vendor disclosures on seven key dimensions, and worked with vendors to provide sample data that you can evaluate in your models.